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Companies that seek ARDworks’ Defence expertise in Australia are: 

  • Foreign firms seeking market entry, or 

  • Australian firms seeking market entry 

  • Australian firms aiming to become an exporter.


As Market Entry specialists, ARDworks supports SMEs, OEMs or Primes win business in the Defence & National Security Sector.


Entering the Defence Market in a foreign country (here or overseas) has its tough, but not insurmountable challenges. It's complex, but achievable.


We know it's tough because we do it daily - and it's the easiest thing to advise - that's why we follow through and implement the advice we give.


We work collaboratively and energetically with you to match your value proposition with a need, or perhaps work to develop that need.


We can do this because of our deep knowledge, high level networks and extensive experience within the Defence sector.

ARDworks develops viable pathways to market - whether they be direct - by influencing the end user or procurement decision maker - or through Primes/Integrators and their supply chains, or through joint ventures.


Our experience spans the military, government, commercial and private sectors and therefore we know how to position companies for success in the Defence market.


Our clients have enjoyed success working with ARDworks and range from OEMs, Primes, ICT vendors, PSPs, law firms, SMEs and governments to help them strategize, win business, develop channel partners, establish an in-country footprint and establish networks and key relationships.


Australia welcomes Defence foreign investment as an essential contributor to economic growth and productivity. 


With few barriers to entry, a familiar legal and corporate framework, sophisticated consumer and industrial sectors, and a straightforward, English-speaking business culture, Australia remains a vibrant and important pro-US market for American goods and services.

Foreign Market Entry


Australian companies seeking entry, or expansion of their footprint, in to Defence seek ARDworks’ support in that endeavour.

Whether it be in production and marketed, or innovative (any part of the Technology Readiness Levels) ARDworks supports

ARDworks also assists in developing your Australian Industry Capability Plan. This is a requirement to meet Australia’s expectation of more Australian Industry involvement in Defence projects and is summarised as the:

  • tenderer’s strategy for maximising Australian industry involvement in the project and enduring Australian industry capability benefit beyond the work period,

  • maximised inclusion and evidence of having positively engaged Australian Small to Medium Enterprises and Indigenous Business Enterprises,

  • proposed investment in innovation, and collaborative research and development efforts in Australia,

  • establishing, transitioning or enhancing skills, knowledge, systems, technology and infrastructure within Australian industry, and

  • identification and promotion of Australian defence export opportunities and as a contributor to the global supply chain.

Australian Market Entry


Australian defence companies are also taking advantage of the Government's support in exporting their capabilities to the world.


ARDworks supports Defence investment both into, and from, Australia.


The Defence Export Strategy builds upon the Government's defence industry policy by setting out a comprehensive system to plan, guide, and measure defence export outcomes. 


The Government recognises that Australian industry cannot sustain itself on the needs of the Australian Defence Force alone. New markets and opportunities to diversify are required to help unlock the full potential of Australian defence industry to grow, innovate, and support Defence’s future needs.


Australia's export control policies are in place to enable the export of defence and strategic goods where it is consistent with Australia's national interests and international obligations.

Australian defence exporters.
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