As a former senior navy officer, I have over three decades experience in Defence working in operations, capability development, acquisition and investment analysis. And now, market entry into Australian defence business is my strength. Unabashedly non-technical, but immodest about my ability to operationally integrate hi-tech concepts in to an Defence environment where capability is king, I help companies with Defence market entry. I solve the problems other people aren’t working on.

An energetic and inspiring leader, I build momentum and opportunity, because if it smells like leadership, teamwork and achievement, I’m there.

I have a reputation for being pragmatic and ‘can-do’. What sets me apart is my drive and steadfastness, and an entrepreneurial outlook. I have an established influential network amongst decision makers in Government and Commercial sectors. 

My success in Defence Market Entry comes from being a senior executive and operator founded on an early career as a professional warfare and navigation specialist, ship captain - thrice, and have successfully expanded into commercial and private sector enterprises.

To do all the above I focus on people – I understand that business success is directly proportional to human collaboration and I love turning big, ugly problems into successful market entry through great teamwork.

"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves."

Thomas Edison