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Hi, I’m Andrew Davis. I help companies win Defence
Business in Australia.

Let's start winning.


As a former senior navy officer, I have over three decades experience in Defence working in operations, capability development, acquisition and investment analysis. And now, market entry into Australian defence business is my strength. Unabashedly non-technical, but immodest about my ability to operationally integrate hi-tech concepts in to an Defence environment where capability is king, I help companies with Defence market entry. I solve the problems other people aren’t working on.

About Me


Companies that seek ARDworks’ Defence expertise in Australia are: 

  • Foreign firms seeking market entry, or 

  • Australian firms seeking market entry 

  • Australian firms aiming to become an exporter.


As Market Entry specialists, ARDworks supports SMEs, OEMs or Primes win business in the Defence & National Security Sector.


Entering the Defence Market in a foreign country (here or overseas) has its tough, but not insurmountable challenges. It's complex, but achievable.


We know it's tough because we do it daily - and it's the easiest thing to advise - that's why we follow through and implement the advice we give.


We work collaboratively and energetically with you to match your value proposition with a need, or perhaps work to develop that need.


We can do this because of our deep knowledge, high level networks and extensive experience within the Defence sector.


"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves."

Thomas Edison

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